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Some social sites are more popular that others, i will list some of the interesting ones in no particular order. Facebook has grown fast as a rocket, and is the biggest social network website right now. I would like to mention that inside Facebook you can now find Facebook apps that are not the property of Facebook, popular apps like Social Connect are apps inside facebook with it's own dating community.

Online dating sites have become very popular last years, and the trend now is moving towards social dating sites. Some websites even help you choose the perfect online dating site for you. Social dating sites has become a mega industry.

The trend also seems to go towards niche sites, especially in the dating buissiness, sites like for Christian singles.

We also seeing a shift towards casual dating, on mobile and also on online dating sites, these fast dates have become extremely popular especially among young people in the age 18-30, if your interested in this subject or want to learn more you can read more about casual dating here.

More and more peaple are also using the web to find dating ideas, websites like is all about giving advice on what singles couples  can do on a date.

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